New Year, New You with New Office Fitout!

As the year draws to a close most of us are looking forward to a break. But what most people don’t realise is that the Christmas break is the perfect time to undertake a brand-new office fitout. Just like people make New Year’s resolutions to improve themselves, we should also resolve to improve our work spaces. Let’s discuss why the Christmas and New Year break is the ideal time for office fitouts!

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Take Advantage of Your Staff Holidays!

The Christmas and New Year break is the ideal time to renovate and refit your office space. You can take advantage of your staff being away to renovate without worrying about staff working in a construction site or working offsite. It is also incredibly exciting, motivating and reenergising for your staff to come back from their break to a brand-new office fitout.

It can be hard for staff to stay motivated at work. When you begin your fitout design take a good look at the office surroundings. Do they make you want to work harder? Or do they zap your energy or make work seem like a chore?

The quality of your employees’ surroundings will affect their motivation and productivity. Further, studies have shown that the right, stimulating environment can release dopamine. When dopamine hits nucleus accumbens it helps brain anticipate if something is good or bad. This, in turn, also helps us amplify good experiences and minimise bad ones – in other words, it’s what gives us motivation.

The right stimuli in an office environment means a more motivated team. However, remember that there is no cut and dry solution for every employee. But there are some elements that help motivate everyone. These include natural light – sunlight naturally boosts energy. Plants are also an amazing addition to the workplace.

In fact, humans have such an affinity for plants that out love of nature and living systems can actually be a motivating force in the workplace. As a result, introducing natural plant life into a new office fitout can impact workplace productivity and satisfaction as well. While including a few plants is not a happiness cure-all, adding them as part of an overall redesign is a fantastic way to a more harmonious, productive workplace.

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7 Steps for Office Redesign in the New Year!

Let’s discuss the top 7 steps you need to consider when considering your New Year’s office fitout!

1: Designate Diverse Areas

Consider designating specific break and/or lunch areas for your employees. These create excellent spaces that allow employees to build working relationships, recharge their batteries and keep office engagement high. These spaces are also useful for brainstorming spaces, as well as quiet spaces for employees to take a break. By breaking up the day helps employees manage their time more effectively, improving productivity. Design these spaces with feature walls, unique lighting and their own personality. Choose comfortable, causal seating and lounges.

2: Colour Psychology

Many people forget that colour can affect how you do business. Colour psychology is a powerful force and, when used properly, can create an inspired scheme to improve office moral and creativity. Colour has important associations and harnessing them helps you engage the behaviour you want to foster in your workplace. Choosing bright, stimulating colours, like oranges, can help boost creativity. Conversely blue tones can help calm workplaces that tend to get tense and employees that overwork themselves. Choose wisely for what you want to foster in your business.

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3: Move to Open Plan

Throw away the old hierarchy of private offices and choose open plan design. These spaces are built for exchanging ideas and equal input among employees. It also enhances communication which is key to success and invites collaboration. Flexible partitioning can also allow the option to delegate zones in an open plan office. Open plan designs will need the help of an expert fitout professional, however, especially if you are changing from office layouts.

4: Lockers, Shelves, and Cabinets

Organisation helps with productivity, and decreasing clutter will always make a good impression on clients. Your staff will appreciate returning to work to find new storage solutions for their belongings. It is actually extremely cost-effective to equip staff – and your office – with ample storage. There are even options for small businesses and small workspaces. So there is no excuse not to improve on storage during the fitout process!

5: Create and Inspire Brand Awareness

Use your new fitout to increase brand awareness around your office. Your design can make your ideals known to your clients and your staff. Invest in your brand with specific lettering, artwork or wall finishes. The look and feel of your office space is one of the best ways to communicate your corporate identity.

6: Plan for the Future

While your new office fitout needs to reflect the current climate of your business and design, you also need to design something that will adapt to future changes. So make sure you ask yourself the following questions:

  • How is your business going to change and grow over the next few years?
  • Can your space accommodate company expansion?
  • Is your space flexible enough to adapt to change?

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7: Get help from a professional

While many people feel they can undertake a fitout by themselves, more often than not it ends in damages and injuries. Which means more expenses and higher costs than hiring a professional. Further, an office fitout professional will have access to furniture and other necessary items at discounted prices, saving you money compared to buying everything at retail value. As a result it is important to consider hiring a professional fitout specialist like Premier Office Furniture.

The Time is Now for Your Office Fitout!

Premier Office Furniture is open in January and eager to help you with your New Year office fitout and redesign! Would you like to see more of our work? Come and see our showroom to experience our “Inspired Workplaces”. Or contact us today for more information on our professional office fitout services!