Filasorb Hanging Screen Origami 1220 X 2800 X 12mm Azur


Price: $1,120.00

  • Acoufelt's collection of acoustic screens epitomise the modern design and flexibility capabilities of acoustic treatment within shared spaces
  • Acoufelt have developed a range of multi-purpose screens that deliver on acoustics, privacy, modern aesthetic design and light penetration
  • Screens can be used to partition a room or area within a shared space, be hung in front of windows and internal glass to limit sound reverberation, and create spatial privacy
  • Allowing light to penetrate through The Screen collection represents an assortment of six hand-selected patterns cut from a FilaSorb acoustic panel for glass and hanging applications

Acoufelt Screens are comprised of FilaSorb, contributing to both the acoustic performance of the product, as well as the smooth surface finish

SKU: 7106709