Filasorb Mobile Acoustic Table Divider U-shape 406 X 914 X 445mm Pistachio


Price: $215.50

  • There's a lot of noise in the world right now - but we all need a quiet space to work
  • Wherever you are working, we want you to be comfortable carrying out business as usual, and create a pleasant working environment to be productive, creative, and communicate with others effectively
  • As we explore new methods for human connection, we want to ensure that you can hear and be heard clearly across a range of communication platforms
  • Free from the noise and echo of the outside world
  • Make your space your own with Acoufelt's range of table solutions
  • Designed to reduce ambient noise and visual distractions, U and L shaped freestanding dividers are lightweight, easy to assemble and compatible with a range of work surfaces

Plus - they're made from a minimum of 60% recycled content

SKU: 7103173