Werk ax sit stand chair / stool black


Price: $198.00

  • The WERK sit stand stool is perfect for all drafting or hands on work-related environments and is a great office chair.
  • Water and stain resistant, the polyurethane construction of this great drafting stool makes it ideal for static sensitive areas
  • The sit stand chair seat is durable, yet comfortable for long term sitting. 
  • Includes both castors and glides for multiple use applications and adjustable height range so you can set the seat height
  • OEM: 6007-BK

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A comfortable and convenient sit stand chair

A sit-stand chair is great for your posture and takes the weight off your feet at the same time.  Ergonomic chairs allow you to work upright. Essentially, an adjustable chair is an active stool, you can stand effortlessly even without the physical stamina and energy needed to maintain the desired posture and compliments a standing desk. A chiar that can allow you to be seated or stand is of paramount importance.

A sit stand stool is great for posture and a healthy back

We have acquired vast experience in office furniture relating to adjustable chairs and stools. We also consult with chiropractors and ergonomic experts to discover how our bodies interact with a stool or chair. It is essential for office furniture to protect your spine when seated and have the flexibility to adjust your height. We determine a basis of what is essential for a chair that is adjustable, seeking out the best manufacturers and models for us to provide our customers. Customer feedback, as well as features and affordability, are all taken into consideration so we can offer you the very best product. We internally test our adjustable office chairs to provide objective feedback so our customers can discover which ergonomic chair is ideal for their needs. We also follow this process for our standing desk range. Below are some factors to consider when making a purchase.    
  • Height Adjustable- Seat height can be fully tailored to the user's needs.
  • Comfort - This one is very obvious and will vary from person to person, but we all like a comfortable chair.
  • Design -  Personal taste and what is considered appealing will also vary from person to person but we cater to a broad range of tastes.
  • Quality - Sit and stand chairs need to be durable and enduring.
  • Stability -  A single tube usually supports the seat.  High pressure is often applied when leaning on these chairs, Stability and feeling confident knowing you are in a stable chair is reassuring.
  • Worthwhile Investment - Affordability is extremely important.  It's nice to justify the purchase price of a product, and after a short time know you have made the right decision.

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