Arise Standing Desks

Arise standing desk brands come in both traditional standing desk varieties and the game changing Arise Deskalator. The Deskalator allows you to benefit from a standing desk without purchasing any entirely new desk set up.

The Arise Standing Desk – A Leap Forward in Desk Design

Arise advanced design also prides itself on easy handling and height adjustment. It features elegant, minimalist Danish design and Scandinavian erringeering. As a result, the easy paddle adjustment minuses the danger of clamping and pinching injuries within the mechanism.

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Arise desks are controlled with simple up and down push buttons or paddles, allowing easy control for all users.

Finally, the Arise standing desk features three-hole mounts for the easy attaching on monitor arms.

The Arise desk has the following key benefits:

  • Gravity centre balanced on the same vertical line during the movement of the desk
  • Wide range of adjustment for all users
  • Support groove to mount smart phones or tablets
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Advanced safety design to avoid injury
  • 3 Hole mounts for single or dual monitor arms

Explore our range of arise standing desk options below.

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