5 Excuses Not to Buy a Desktop Sit Stand – and Why You Will Regret Them!

Desktop Sit StandWith the hype surrounding sit-stand desks, it is all too easy to wave it off as a craze. Seasoned officer workers have seen hundreds of “health-focused” options come through the workplace. It is not hard to see why a few of us might be jaded!

But the health benefits of sit-stand desks far outweigh any possible arguments against them. Join us as we discuss the 5 biggest excuses people use against sit-stand desks and why we think you should buy a Deskalator today!

1: “A Sit-Stand Desk is Way Too Expensive!”

When you already have a desk, it might seem like a huge expenditure to buy a whole new desk. After all, despite the health benefits, it is not like they’re being handed out for free. In fact, many sit-stand desks run over $1,000. That’s an expensive outlay for small and big businesses alike. While big corporations can buy in bulk, for the majority of us it is too expensive to deck out a full office with traditional sit-stand desks. And buying desks only for certain employees can cause divisions in the office (what the Wall Street Journal termed “desk envy”!)

Which is why the Deskalator is perfect! At less than half the cost of a traditional sit-stand desk, the Deskalator neatly fits onto your existing desk, turning it into a sit-stand desk. Your body and your hip pocket will thank you.

2: “But Standing Hurts!”

Standing for long periods of time can be as uncomfortable as sitting for long periods of time. Ask nursing staff, waiters, waitresses and anyone else who spends all day on their feet. It is tiring, can cause foot pain and the dreaded “cankle”. This is why it is recommended you use the 20-8-2 ratio when using a sit-stand desk.

The 20-8-2 ratio operates on the idea that you will spend 20 minutes sitting in a neutral position, 8 minutes standing and 2 minutes walking. Throughout the day this means you will spend 5 hours sitting, 3 hours standing and you will get a little bit of walking in there as well! Studies show that standing at least 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, can burn up to 30,000 calories in a year!

With its gas spring scissor structure, the Deskalator is easily adjustable throughout the day, making the 20-8-2 ratio easily obtainable by any employee! It has 13 height options meaning anyone can be comfortable while they stand at their desk. And to prevent any possible foot pain, you can always buy an anti-fatigue mat!

3: “I Don’t Get Back or Neck Pain!”

Some people never get back, neck or shoulder pain from their time at their desks. Due to this, they might see the sit-stand desk as a waste of money. But studies have shown that sit-stand desks have benefits for everyone. They boost your energy levels, improve concentration and can increase your productivity up to 10%.sit-stand-desk deskalator

Ever heard of the phrase “thinking on your feet?” Studies on sit-stand desks have shown the increased blood flow to the brain increased creativity and productivity, and can even help improve mental health. You might not suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain, but the cognitive benefits of a Deskalator cannot be ignored!

4: “I Work Out After Hours Already!”

These days most people have active lives outside of work. With the advent of 24 hour gyms and fitness focused apps, it is easier than ever to find somewhere or way to work out. But sitting for long periods at work can actually hinder your out-of-hours workouts.

In fact, sitting at work can teach your muscles to heal in a sitting position. This tightens the hips and can lead to decreased mobility in workouts, as well as eventually leading to back pain.

The Deskalator is perfect even for the fitness junkie, allowing you to stand 3-5 hours a day. With its scissor-structure lift and 13 options for height adjustment, this simple addition to your desk ensures your muscles stay limber and keeps you ready for your next workout!

5: “A Sit-Stand Desk Isn’t Any More Flexible from My Sitting Desk!”

One of the big reasons for avoiding sit-stand desks is the lack of range in height. For the taller worker, a sit-stand desk might stop too low, forcing them to hunch over – which is no better than hunching over while seated! For shorter workers, traditional sit-stand desks might be too high, preventing them from comfortably working.

Other traditional desks that do offer height adjustment can prove to be dangerous, resulting in clamping injuries.

The Deskalator has a neat solution to these problems, providing 13 different options for height adjustment, meaning anyone can comfortably work while standing. The height is safely adjusted using activation paddles and gas springs. It even has a groove for a smart phone and even caters to those using dual monitors with 3 hole mounts.

While there are a lot of arguments against the sit-stand desk, the benefits far outweigh them all. Regularly standing at work can help reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity and can even prolong your life! Standing increase our energy, reducing the need for unhealthy stimulants like coffee, energy drinks and soft drinks. Further, just like working out, the endorphins from using a sit-stand desk can improve mental health.

So do yourself a favour and invest in a Deskalator today – you will not be disappointed! Get shopping now or contact us today for expert advice from Premier Office Furniture!

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