The Chair Makes the Executive

executive chairs

If manners maketh the man, then certainly the choice of chair maketh the executive. As an executive, you start each day with an attitude that says you mean business. So naturally you want furniture that says the same thing. And nothing is more important than having executive chairs that not only exudes class but will keep you comfortable for years to come.

Chairs are a staple of the office so finding the perfect chair is actually more important than many people realise. Whether it is in your personal office or a boardroo

m, you want chairs that are comfortable but echo the sophistication of men and women in commanding positions. Buying quality chairs is one of the smartest investments you can make, so here are our top three tips for choosing the best executive chair.

executive chairs

One: Invest in Quality Executive Chairs

Whatever your role in the office, your chair is where you will be spending 90% of your day. And like it or not, where you’re sitting has a serious impact on your working experience. So you deserve a quality chair that is both impressive and comfortable. Buying a good quality chair now, rather than later, is one of the smartest investments you can make.

The difference between a good chair and a cheap one is enormous. Quality chairs are comfortable, accommodating and work to protect your back while you work. Cheap executive chairs are uncomfortable, only offer minimal adjustments and serve only to remind you how many uncomfortable hours you have until the end of the day.

Further, lower quality chairs are uncomfortable for your guests. If you are working on an important merger or meeting brand new clients, you don’t want them to be distracted or put off by uncomfortable chairs.

First impressions matter! You need to remember that the first experience a guest or customer will encounter in your office is your furniture. These lower quality chairs are easily damaged, cheap fabric cracking over the back and arm rests. You certainly won’t exude an air of prosperity and command if your guests are confronted with disintegrating chairs. A high quality chair, on the other hand, will help you give the best first impression.

If you want to make a good first impression in your boardroom and executive office. So always ensure your executive chairs are high quality.


A good executive chair is one that will last you nearly a lifetime. Your choice of seating is as fundamental and constant as it gets in the business world. You take time and care in making strategic business decisions – so why not take the same consideration with your chairs? Skimping on furniture simply doesn’t make sense.

Buying a good quality chair now, rather than later, is a good investment. It is far more cost effective to invest in good chairs now, than to continually replace cheap chairs.

A good quality chair will last without cracking or crackling as low quality chairs are wont to do in the first few months. A good chair is a smart, long term investment. It ensures you are comfortable for your working lifetime, while maintaining the commanding aura of your office space. Low quality chairs will need to be continually repaired and replaced, costing more in the long run than a high quality chair.

As such, always check the quality of the fabric and components of your chosen chair before buying. A good executive chair will last forever – or until your next office fitout! By spending a little more now, you will ultimately save hundreds in the long run.

Three: Ergonomic Executive ChairsErgonomic Chairs

That’s right, we won’t stop talking about it and you shouldn’t stop thinking about it! Ergonomics are incredibly important for everyone in the office space – from intern to CEO. Everyone needs – and is worthy of – a comfortable, functional chair that will provide you with good support all your working life.

And this is exactly what you should be looking for in your new executive chair.

Not only should you be comfortable as you work, your guests deserve to have their comfort considered too. You don’t want important clients leaving with an aching back, or find themselves cramped in a non-adjustable chair. Instead, show your magnanimous attitude by ensuring any visitors to your office or boardroom won’t want to leave your amazing chairs.

It is important to remember these ergonomic considerations when it comes to your new executive chairs:

Seat Height: You should be able to adjust your seat height so your feet are flat on the floor or footrest. Your knees should be at 90 degrees to prevent slouching and reducing pressure on the hips.

Backrest and lumbar support: Being able to adjust the height and depth of the chair means you can properly support the natural S-curve of the spine. Being able to adjust the backrest ensures you will always have the best support for your back.

Seat Depth: Adjustable seat depth can work to ensure your back is always in full contact with the backrest. There should be no more than two fingers’ gap between the back of the knees and the front of the seat, providing proper support for the legs.

Wheels: Many people never consider the importance of the wheels and swivel ability when it comes to their chairs. However, they play a larger role than many realise. Being able to easily rotate and move your chair prevents dangerous reaching, twisting and other unnecessary straining on the body.

It doesn’t matter what your profession, seating matters. If you are serious about your appearance as an executive, then you need to value the chairs that you and your guests will use. By investing in good quality, executive chairs you will be showing the corporate world that you know how to make a sound investment in the future. The chair really does maketh the executive.

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