How to Set Up the Best Home Office with Premier Office Furniture

It is safe to say that COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Our those of our hard working workforce now find themselves working from home in “make do” spots around the home. Whether it is at the dining table, a computer propped up by a stack of books, or making conference calls from the couch, we are all trying to make do the best we can. But the aches and pains from these set ups are already setting in, and this is just the beginning of the country-wide shutdown.

Premier Office Furniture, as office furniture specialists, know these setups aren’t a healthy, long term solution. Now more than ever it is important that we have a proper, ergonomic office set up, even at home. Premier Office Furniture has a wide range of furniture and ergonomic solutions to suit any home décor. Today we are going to discuss how to set up the best home office, that is both ergonomic and stylish.

home office desk

Home Office Desks

Choosing the right desk is important when setting up a home office. You need plenty of space for your monitor/s, documents, keyboard and phone, as well as any other items you might need. Not only do you need the right sized desk for your space, you also need something that suits your occupation. Premier Office Furniture has a wide range of options to suit your needs.

With homes turning into co-working spaces, you may need a desk that can be moved from room to room, to suit your needs. Premier Office Furniture has a range of convenient portable and folding desks. Need a place for two people to work together? We have a range of adjustable, two people desks. Explore our range of desks, today, to find the right desk for your home office needs.

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Office and Home Office Chairs

The right home office chair is as important as the right desk. Remember, this is the chair you’ll be spending the majority of your day in. As a result, it needs to be properly set up and comfortable for you. The average dining chair or kitchen chair isn’t going to be a good long term solution.

When choosing the right chair, it should feature:

  • Adjustable seat and backrest height, and seat tilt
  • Rounded front seat edges
  • Lumbar support
  • Controls that are easy to operate from seated position
  • Five-point base
  • Comfortable cushioning and covering on the seat and backrest

It is also important to use your new chair correctly. When setting up a home office chair, you need to ensure your hips are back as far as they can go in the chair. You should be able to push your shoulders back and keep your back straight. Feet should be firmly on the ground and, if your chair has arm rests, make sure you use them.

Your workstation should also be at eye level, with the keyboard and mouse in front of you when you type. Ensure you avoid screen reflection and that you’re not over extending when reaching for items on your desk.

home office

Ergonomic Sit/Stand Options for the Home Office

When working from home, we need to remember the benefits of moving while working. Now more than ever it is important to move and stretch throughout the day. A great solution to is choosing an ergonomic desk. Premier Office Furniture has a range of sit stand desks, that allow you to change from standing to sitting throughout the day. As a result, you can keep moving without through the day without having to leave your office.

Already have a desk? You can still convert your desk into a sit/stand option with desktop sit/stand desks like the Deskalator or Rapid Riser.

Now more than ever we need to combat the issues that come from a sedentary lifestyle. By using a sit/stand desk in your home office, you can help relieve back, neck and hip pain, as well as increase energy and endorphins, which helps improve mental health. Move more while you work with ergonomic furniture and sit/stand desks.

Monitor Accessories

If you work with a monitor or multiple monitor set up, it is important to ensure your monitors are properly set up. Monitor arms can be easily affixed to your existing desk, and come in single and dual monitor options. This means you can properly adjust your workstation in order to protect your health while working at home.

Using monitor arms you can quickly and easily adjust your workspace without the expense of a traditional standing desk. Monitor arms also ensure that the top of the monitor is at your eyeline, so you’re not slouching or sitting with your head at an odd angle all day. Finally, monitor arms allow you to create space on your desk by elevating your screens, giving you more space, especially if you’re sharing home office space with family members.

Office Solutions for Children and Teenagers

It’s not only adults working from home, now. Children and teenagers are also working and studying at home, which has proven challenging for many. As a result, you want to ensure that your kids have the perfect home office set up, too.

Children and teenagers thrive on structure and boundaries, so it helps to mark out their own workspace at home. Whether this is in their room, sharing the study with you, or working somewhere else in the house, kids need the same ergonomic set up as adults.

Premier Office Furniture has a wide range of educational and school style furniture that is perfect for setting up a study space for kids. From adjustable task chairs, to desks, and whiteboards to chill out chairs, we have what you need to set up the right study space for your kids.

Premier Office Furniture, as a business, is still running in full swing. Orders are still being processed and our online store is still open for business. Let us help you create the best home office set up during this COVID-19 crisis that keeps you healthy and comfortable. Explore our online store, today, or contact our team for help and advice. Create and customise your ideal home office space, now!