The Importance of an Office Breakout Area

The modern workforce spends more time at their screens than any other. As a result, more managers and CEOs are trying to protect their workers’ health to increase productivity and lessen sick days. This is why break out areas are becoming so popular. Today we’re going to discuss what break out areas are, why they’re good for your office, and the best ways to design your new office breakout area.

office breakout area

What is an Office Breakout Area?

A breakout area is a space open to employees or visitors that is separate from the usual working areas. It is a place for employees to relax, eat lunch, and even have an informal work space. A breakout area is a space specially designed to give employees space and time away from their screens, as well as the stress of a workplace.

This casual area is also perfect for informal meetings with clients, or clear spaces for employees to collaborate and brainstorm. Adding a tea and coffee station mean you can provide your employees with everything they need, rather than people constantly leaving the workplace for coffee runs.

No matter the size of your office space, breakout spaces are integral to create an energised, creative workplace. Giving your employees a break from work is crucial to well being and productivity. Finally, they are a fantastic incentive for new employees joining your organisation.

Why Do I Need to Provide a Breakout Space?

Giving employees a break from their workstations and screens complies with important laws. Health and safety laws require staff to take frequent breaks from their work areas when they use computers.

While it might seem like a waste of space and resources, the benefits far outweigh this issue. Breakout areas are important for improving performance and productivity. Giving employees a chance to take a break not only refreshes tired eyes but also tired minds. Having the chance to step away from a task, even for a few minutes, can help your employees gain better perspective on a task.

And, of course, happy employees are more productive and less likely to leave the organisation.

office breakout area

Creating the Perfect Office Breakout Area

Your office breakout area doesn’t have to be extravagant or take up a lot of space. If a separate room isn’t available to create a breakout space, you can use screens to section off part of the office space. Comfortable chairs, space for eating, and space to prepare food, are all important aspects of a break out space.

If you feel you don’t have a large space or a room for your breakout area, you can utilise a corner o the office. Choosing the right furniture and design, as well as ensuring the area is functional, is just as important as the size.

Designing the right space means considering you’re the purpose of the space and your company’s culture, as well as colour, lighting and furniture. Your breakout space should be comfortable, relaxed, and provide space for employees to discuss and collaborate for better innovation. Below are our 3 top tips for creating the best space for you and your employees.

1: Multi-Purpose Spaces

Flexibility and modularity are essential in the workplace. Modular systems use interchangeable parts, including moveable walls, furnishings, and partitions in order to truly customise a space. You can turn a space into a collaborative area, a kitchen and break space, and even a meeting room, to match your needs at any moment.

2: Family Style Rooms

Why not create a nice, informal living room feel in your office, for your employees? This could include leather sofas, comfortable chairs, coffee tables, and attractive lamps. The goal of the space is to relax your employees and allow them to chat.

3: Flexible Breakout Furniture

As well as modular partitions, flexible furniture options remove isolation and segmentation in the workplace. Instead, it creates a culturally open, fluid workplace and culture. This can be achieved  with individual seats, sofas, ottomans, desks, tables, and more.

office breakout area

What to Consider When Designing a Breakout Space

You should consider the following questions when designing an efficient breakout space that is functional while contributing to your employees’ satisfaction and engagement.

Which better fits your workplace?

  • An informal meeting area for collaboration
  • A quiet breakout area that enables employees to focus on concentrate
  • An interactive and fun space

By working out the kind of space your employees need, you can best work out where to place it and the furnishings you will need. Ensure that the design is right for the space and if you have multiple breakout spaces for different purposes, make sure the design clearly shows that clearly. Providing different types of breakout areas allow employees to have options and utilise the space that best fits their needs.

Do you need help finding the perfect design or furniture for your breakout space? Looking for a professional fit out service? Contact the team at Premier Office today. Our team can help you create the best space for you and your employees!