The importance of sitting in a chair correctly

It might sound silly but sitting down properly in a chair is very important. If you have sitting down for prolonged periods of time weather it be behind a desk at work or driving a car correct posture can be difficult to maintain. Studies are showing the prolonged sitting increases the likelihood of some forms of cancer, heart disease and other preventable diseases by 24%. It is imperative that you be mindful of how you are sitting and have your workspace setup correctly to avoid injury.

Your back forms an “S” Shape, when sitting down all day, it is hard to maintain this posture. We turn and twist, slouch, sprawl and hunch over our computers. Most of the time we do not get up much during the day so by the end of the day our back is exhausted. Our muscles “go to sleep” that are not being utilised. This causes them to not get much action therefore they become weak.

Ergonomic Chairs
However there are steps we can take to stop this from happening and help our backs.

Most offices have ergonomic furniture. So use it right!  Adjust your chair and workstation accordingly to achieve the below. This will help reduce strain on your back and repetitive strain injuries.

1. Push your hips back as far as they can go in the chair.
2. Put your shoulders back and your back straight
3. Plant your feet firmly on the ground.
4. Use the armrests

Setup your workstation so your screen is at eye level, you keyboard and mouse are in from of you when typing, avoid screen reflection, make sure you are not over extending yourself when reaching for items on your desk. If they are too far away re-order your desk and bring them closer. Or stand up to retrieve them.

You can also install a program on your computer to remind you to stand or set a timer on your phone or watch. Moving for a minute or walking across the room every 30 minutes will remind those muscles they are there and relieve the pressure on your back.

If you need any advice on ergonomic chairs and ergonomic desks please contact Angelo from Premier Office Furniture on 03 9336 7507.