Ergonomic Alternatives

Research has proven the many health concerns related to sedentary work life. With risks ranging from physical to mental health issues, it is encouraging to see so many businesses embracing ergonomic workplaces. Ensuring the health and safety of your staff means happier works and a more productive workplace.

However, standing all day isn’t always the best option, either, making traditional standing desks downright uncomfortable for some workers. There are some amazing advancements in alternatives to traditional standing desks, giving us more options for a safer and healthier workplace.

The office furniture market now offers everything from full sit-stand desks, to desktop sit-stands, to monitor arms allowing a variety of ways to help you improve your workplace. These ergonomic alternatives allow your workers to move freely during the day, this isn’t always an option for all companies. Fitting out an entire office with sit-stand desks can be expensive or impractical for many small businesses. So here are our ergonomic alternatives for a happy workplace!premier office

Traditional Standing Desks

Traditional standing desks can be a fantastic option for the workplace. The standing desks of the past gave little option for workers – it was standing all day or nothing. While this can work for some people but for many, especially those dealing with past injuries and chronic illnesses, standing all day is simply not an option.

Modern standing desks now employ electric and gas designs that allow the entire desk to be moved at a simple touch or the press of a button. This allows workers to adjust the entire desk freely throughout the day, allowing them the option to sit or stand. Matched with the right adjustable, sit-stand stool, these desks have revolutionised the healthy workplace, allowing staff to remain active as well as productive. Anti-fatigue mats are also a great accompaniment to all ergonomic furniture, easing pressure on legs throughout the day and allowing your staff to remain active.

Electric sit-stand desks can be easily fitted out for you by professional office fitters to ensure the utmost in ergonomic standards for your staff. Professional office fitters can also get your office back up and running faster than trying to do the fitout alone, taking care of the difficulties of cable organisation and furniture construction.

ergonomic sit stand deskDesktop Sit-Stand

A great alternative to traditional sit-stand desks are desktop style sit-stand desks. Desktop sit-stand desks require little to no installation, simply sitting on the existing desk. This allows any old desk to transform instantly into an ergonomic one. Desktop sit-stand desks allow space for multiple monitors, keyboard, and phones and tablets so everything your employees need is at reach.

Furthermore, desktop sit-stand desks allow you to easily adjust the height of the desk with simple paddle controls ensuring the perfect height for all employees. Desktop sit-stand desks also come in a range of sizes to fit all work styles with ample space for those requiring two or more screens. Already assembled and ready to go, fit out time is a lot shorter with desktop sit-stands. Combined with an ergonomic sit-stand stool or chair, you can quickly and inexpensively improve your workplace for your employees without breaking the bank.

Monitor Armsergonomic furniture melbourne

If desktop sit-stands are out of the budget, there are now a range of brilliant monitor arms available that can help convert a standard desk into a sit-stand one. These monitor arms are easily affixed to the back of an existing desk. These arms come in single and dual monitor options to allow flexibility for all workplaces. You can quickly and easily adjust your workspace without the expense of a traditional standing desk or the bulk of a desktop sit-stand.

These ergonomic monitor arms are carefully designed to be easily adjusted. The key is to ensure the top of the monitor is at your eye line so there is no unnecessary head tilting. Monitor arms allow staff of all heights to line up their monitors as needed.

Monitor arms also allow you to create more space on your desk by elevating your screens, or to give more space in a multi-user environment. As with a desktop sit-stand, you can combine your space with a sit-stand stool to make a fantastic ergonomic environment.

Keeping your employees safe and healthy should be the most important consideration in the office. And these amazing, cost-effective advancements in ergonomics means that it is easier than ever to do so. Small, medium and big businesses have more options than ever when it comes to making your workplace a great place to be.

At Premier Office Furniture we offer a wide range of ergonomic furniture items to keep your workplace happy and healthy. We also provide fitout services to ensure your office gets back to work faster! Contact us today to find out how we can help you!