You Spin Me Right Round with Operator Chairs for Your Office!

operator chairs

Office chairs are often the most underrated, neglected or even forgotten aspect of office design. The operator chair in particular was often maligned in the past for being ugly and uncomfortable. With studies finding that your employees will spend up to 10 hours a day in their office chairs, that is a long time to be uncomfortable. It is no wonder that employees often complain of back pain and soreness if they have to suffer through 10 hours in an unsuitable chair.

It is important for the health and well-being of your staff that you take their chairs into careful consideration during your office fit out. And modern operator chairs are perfectly designed to accommodate the health and safety of your employees, unlike their older counterparts, while providing easy mobility.

So here are some suggestions for features we think you’ll love about modern operator chairs!BURO AURA ERGO OFFICE CHAIR MEDIUM BACK WITH NO ARMS BLACK - BOS119HB53

Eliminate Back Pain with Ergonomics!

Did you know your spine’s lower discs support three times the weight when sitting that they do when standing? With longer meetings and extend work hours, having the wrong chairs for your staff can cause dread lower back issues.

Lumbar support is one of the major considerations when choosing new chairs for the office. These days, operator chairs have moulded foam seats and backs to protect your employees. Considering lumbar support and ergonomics can save you a lot of time and money – your employees will be happy and comfortable, rather than taking time off for debilitating back pain!

Rise Up or Drop Down with Gas Lifts!

Adjustable heights might seem frivolous, but it is extremely important for the comfort of your employees. Experts recommend that we keep our knees at a 90-degree angle to the floor for the best and safest posture. So unless you only hire employees of the exact same height, you’re going to need to invest in some good, adjustable chairs.

Gas lift operator chairs are especially helpful because they take the work – and the danger of pinch fingers – out of adjusting chair heights. Rather than fiddling with knobs and screws, risking the aforementioned pinched fingers, gas lifts ensure easy adjustment by simply squeezing a lever. No matter how tall or short your employees, they will all be comfortable with these fun, adjustable chairs.


No, castor wheels aren’t just for office chair races. Most modern chairs, including our beloved operator chair, come equipped with wheel castors. This means your chair is brilliantly mobile. Instead of lifting and carrying, which can put undue strain and stress on the back, you can simply push your chair from one room to another.

Operator chairs also come with a swivel base feature. This means your employees can easily and quickly discuss things face-to-face by simply spinning their chair around. Swivel bases mean that your employees won’t be dangerously twisting their lower backs when turning about to discuss a project. It also makes the desk area more accessible, allowing your employees to swivel from one drawer to another without having to lean awkwardly over the arm of a stationery chair.

Carrying the Weight!

This topic might be the elephant in the room, but it is one that you need to consider when it comes to your employees. Don’t shy away from investigating this aspect when choosing chairs, just because it’s a delicate subject. Thankfully, the modern operator chair takes the awkwardness out of chair buying, easily supporting weight up to 100-120kg. This means you can comfortable accommodate your employees no matter their size or shape! And everyone deserves to have a comfortable place to work.


Old school operator chairs were, let’s face it, ugly. But with the popularity of interior design spilling out of the home and into the workplace, even the humble operator chair has seen an upgrade. Gone are the low-back, merle grey monstrosities of the past. Today operator chairs are beautifully designed and constructed to suit any office design. This sleek new take on the operator chair offers features like ergonomic padding, comfortable and stylish mesh backs, and sturdy arms. This means your chairs will not only be comfortable for your employees but they will make a statement to your guests and clients.


The chair is the place where you employees will spend 90% of their work day. And you owe it to your them to ensure they have a comfortable place to work. After all, the more comfortable your employees, the more productive they will be.

So don’t leave your chairs as a last minute choice. Embrace the chair as an integral part of your design and fit out process. Make a statement to your clients, while still ensuring the safety of your employees. We think the modern day operator chairs can do just that!

Why not try them out and see how you fall in love with them, too! Click here to start shopping with Premier Office Furniture or contact us today for expert advice!