Office Fit Outs – How You Benefit from Happy Employees

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A recent study revealed that well over a thousand Australian workers find that their workplace does not meet their needs. 74% revealed that there was no comfortable place at work to take a break. Well over 45% pointed out that their office layout did not promote efficiency or productivity. So join us as we discuss how you can improve your business by reworking your office fit out.

Office Design is Everythingoffice fit out premier office melbourne

The modern workplace has far different needs from the workplaces of 10 years ago. With work hours growing longer and work life becoming more stressful, the need for an office fit out that works with employees is vital. Businesses that are booming are doing so because they create an environment that works for everyone. This results in a dramatic decrease of sick days used and improvement in employee health. As a result, these businesses boom from the productivity promoted by happy, healthy employees.

Layout and Collaboration Needs in the Modern Office Fit Out

Ensuring you have an appropriate layout for your office fit out is incredibly important. Too many offices still follow the stereotypical designs of yesteryear. However, this linear ideology of building and designing spaces is actually decreasing productivity, not improving it. New office fit outs should focus on layouts that promote engagement and relationships among employees, as well as benefitting individuals and their tasks. And engaged workforce means old office hierarchy issues become a thing of the past. Employees work with each other for the good of the business, rather than against each other for the benefit of themselves. Collaborative spaces mean company problems are easily solved with employees given the chance to offer solutions and brainstorm ideas. Premier Office Furniture has years of expertise when it comes to office fit outs. Contact us to discuss your plans today!office fit out melbourne

How Does an Office Fit Out Redesign Affect Employees?

The bland, grey office of the past was definitely not the way to encourage a creative and happy working environment. Instead, modern companies are listening to employee needs and creating office fit outs that embrace the minimalism of Nordic design, pops of colour, moral-boosting plant life and ergonomic furniture. Creating a comforting “home-style” feel to an office helps relax employees, allowing them to better face tough deadlines with ease. Further, focusing on employee wellness, both mentally and physically, sees employees actually enjoy coming to work. Companies that embrace employee wellness through relaxation spaces and ergonomics, see an incredible return on investment and employee retention compared to companies that struggle on with the same, tired designs. Further, with the switch to text-based communication, the need for quiet cubicles to block noise is almost non-existent.

Office Fit Outs to Encourage Collaboration

With buildings and work spaces becoming more and more densified, it is becoming impractical to have small, confined office spaces from older office designs. It also creates an uncomfortableoffice fit outs melbourne premier office sense of exclusion and isolation for employees. As a result, companies clinging to these old interior design trends actually see a decrease in productivity and profit. Modern companies that are booming have found the key to success – collaborative spaces. By providing large areas with no assigned desk, employees have the opportunity to move around, work with other office members and brainstorm better ideas. Allowing creativity to flow, rather than stifling employees in portioned cubicles, means these companies see a better profit result. Employees are able to choose what works best for them. Your office fit out should focus on how to improve health and morale.

Alternative Spaces for Office Fit Outs

The statistics rolling into 2018 show an interesting trend toward alternative spaces. 52% of workspaces now provide alternative seating, allowing employees to find what works best for them, who best they work with, and whether they want a private, quiet room or a dynamic, collaborative space. 21.5% of office furniture was amenity-driven, targeting employee well being and comfort. As a result, these companies saw few sick days being used and are now targeting an “activity-based” work environment to better bolster this new urge in productivity. The statistics don’t lie with businesses who switched to a more modern office layout reporting an increase of 74% in productivity, 86% increase to business network, and a 30-60% increase in profit.

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