Melbourne Office Trends You’ll Love for 2018

2018 is right on our doorstep and there are some really exciting trends springing up for the New Year. Having the right office fit out for you and your employees has never been more important. Excited to revitalise your work place? Want to make 2018 your best year? Then join us as we look at the best in office trends for 2018!

Office Fit Out Design is Important!

The work of actually designing an office fit out is often not considered entirely important. But having an office that functions and enhances the work of all your employees makes a huge impact on your bottom line. Our life is in a constant state of change and innovation, and our workplaces should reflect that. The more a workplace works for us, the more inspired, productive and efficient we are. Here are some of the big trends you should think about for your refreshed office fitout in 2018.

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Dynamic Spaces in 2018 Office Fit Outs

Rising in popularity over the last 2-3 years, dynamic work spaces are areas of continuous change. These out-of-the-box work areas use furniture that easily converts to cover a wide variety of uses. They instantly change a traditional conference room into an after-work hang out for employees. Or a comfortable space for inspired brainstorming. Professional office fit out services use light weight, movable furniture and wall dividers, white boards and height adjustable desks to create a space that is in a state of constant movement and change.

Biophilic Designed Office Fit Outs

This might be a strange, new word for you but biophilic design has been rising in popularity throughout the 2000s. In fact, these healthy work spaces are fast becoming an industry required standard for new offices. This trend uses nature at its core to create a green, clean workplace that benefits the health of your employees and clients. Aside from the introduction – or reintroduction – of plant life to offices, we see furniture, patterns and lighting inspired from nature. This has been seen as especially important, and invigorating, for employees in areas where nature is not easily reachable – such as inner city work places, tech hubs and engineering office fit outs. Not only does the introduction of life to an office help inspire and engage employees, the health benefits of oxygen emitting plants and well-thought out lighting benefits the health of your employees, resulting in fewer sick days and leave.

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Atypical Work Spaces


While the media loves to inspire derision toward them, millennials are the future workforce of Australia. Smart businesses are taking advantage of this and focusing on new office fit outs that focus on a new kind of office layout. The modern office is quickly turning toward open floor plans, co-working spaces, hot desk environments, and spaces for relaxation and brainstorming. This fun, creative atmosphere sees an increase in productivity for businesses willing to work with this new generation of employees. Many report seeing a dramatic upturn in efficiency and productivity from all generations of workers, after reworking older, tired office fit outs.

Ergonomic Furniture is Key

You’ve been hearing about it for years but ergonomic furniture is no longer a fad. It is an important feature of offices that has become an office requirement, not a perk. Ergonomic furniture helps protect employees from frustrating health issues that have appeared in older generations due to long hours spent in inappropriate, uncomfortable work place furniture. And with so many amazing brands now on the market, there really is no longer an excuse not to implement ergonomics in your workplace fit out. Providing appropriate chairs and height-adjustable desks are not only a fantastic way of creating a dynamic office space but also protects your employees from frustrating back and neck injuries. It is time chronic back pain and neck pain from long hours in the workplace became a thing of the past. Use 2018 as a time to throw out the old style office and embrace the new!

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Style and Functionality in Office Fit Outs

Leaping from the popularity of biophilic design, is the idea of green living in both the home and office. Businesses are ditching their old, tired grey furniture and cubicles for open spaces with working desks and collaborative areas. Modular wave dividers and whiteboard dividers are rising in popularity. This allows any space to accommodate brainstorming areas and private office retreats. Office too small for portioning but want to create divided spaces? Further, introduce plant life in stunning pots to create a vibrant, leafy space. Ferns, air plants and even the humble terrarium can help transform your 2018 office fit out.

The office of 2018 is one that puts emphasis on the health and well being of all employees. Smart employers are embracing these trends as the way forward for increased profitability, productivity and workplace engagement. Want to rework your office fit out for 2018? Contact us at Premier Office today. With decades of industry experience, we can help you create a space your employees will love!