Conset Standing Desk

ConSet standing desks allow you to change your working position regularly to help prevent back problems. Further, if you have existing back problems, a standing desk, like one from ConSet, can offer relief and aid the healing process.

Further, ConSet standing desks feature easy height adjustment so they are ideal for users of various heights with various work requirements and needs. The electric operation also makes the desk ideal height for all, including those in a wheelchair who may need a desk lower than the conventional height. The ConSet range is ideal for the hot-desking environment as it allows anyone to change customise any workstation.

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Conset Standing Desks – the Power to Transform How You Work

The convenient electrical operation of the ConSet range of desks makes it easy to operate up and down, featuring two buttons that must be pressed together to avoid accidental operation. It makes operating ConSet standing desks safe and effortless.

ConSet desks feature the following:

  • Adjusts easily with simple up and down switch
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Dual button height adjustment
  • Heavy duty metal frame
  • Cable hole at back centre
  • Square corners for safety
  •  Designed and engineered in Denmark

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