Mattek Comfort Stand Plus Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Large Charcoal


Price: $286.00

  • Comfort Stand Plus is an ultra-comfortable anti-fatigue and anti-slip mat
  • The light leather grained patterned surface gives the Mat excellent anti-slip properties and is easy to clean, while the soft polyurethane form formula provides a comfortable standing surface and will immediately spring back into original once stood or walked on
  • Beveled edges on all four sides greatly reduces the risk of trips
  • The foam underside allows the Mat to sit steady on hard floor surfaces or low pile carpet
  • This Mat is suitable for use in dry, medium use environments where extreme comfort and relief is needed from standing on a hard surface
  • The Mattek range of desk mats is made from an incredibly soft and flexible material to ensure maximum comfort while standing
  • Light-weight, easy to transport
  • Ultra comfortable foam provides unparalleled relief when standing
  • Fine leather grain surface gives excellent traction
  • Closed cell foam construction will not absorb water thus making it suitable to use in light wet areas
  • Made from Polyurethane which is lightweight yet firm and supportive, and will always spring hold its shape
  • The Mat is PVC free which is odorless and harmless to people with allergies to PVC

Easy to clean - Mat can be brushed, mopped or wiped to clean

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