Spin Bike Desk with Laptop Tray


Price: $1,050.00

Now available at Premier Office Furniture – the Spin Bike Desk with Laptop Tray. This breakthrough in ergonomic and active office furniture is ideal to use with your laptop or tablet. As a result, for the first time ever, you can truly ride and work at the same time.

Work while you Work Out!

The Spin Bike Desk with Laptop Tray also allows you to work, sit, type, webinar and exercise all at once. The height adjustable seat and laptop tray make this incredible piece of furniture the ideal addition to your work place or home office. It provides an all day opportunity to work out while you work.

Work Riding or Work Standing!

Further, the key features of the Spin Bike Desk with Laptop Tray makes it a brilliant multi-user work and play unit. They are ideal for any workplace, including hotdesking environments that require workspaces to be highly customisable. As a result, you can utilise excess energy without leaving your desk. There is a wealth of scientific evidence on the benefits of long term exercise on mental and physical health. But studies have also shown the immediate effects of exercise on thinking. Further, there is extensive research showing that exercise actually has immediate benefits on all aspects of thinking. As a result, this means the Spin Bike Desk with Laptop Tray allows employees to be active during their work day, while they are working, benefitting your company and productivity. This makes the Spin Bike Desk with Laptop Tray perfect for:
  • Libraries
  • Active Workspaces
  • Hot Desking
  • Offices
  • Open Work Areas
  • Break-out Zones
  • PU Cushion for extra comfort
  • Height Adjustable Laptop Tray
  • Gas Sprung Height Adjustable Seat
  • Foldable Footing
  • Foldable Pedals
  • 8 Level Magnetic Tension Control System
  • LCD Display Tracks Time, Speed, Distance, Calories
Additional Information:
  • Adjustable Seat Height Range: 19cm
  • Weight Capacity: 135kg
  • Suitable for Heights: 155cm - 190cm