Steelco Tambour Door Cabinet 2 Shelves 1015 X 900 X 463mm Graphite Ripple


SKU: 7041981

Price: $920.30

  • The Steelco Tambour cabinets are ideal for office storage needs
  • Available in four height options these cabinet's retractable doors and adjustable shelf heights will allow you to store a variety of office goods
  • These lockable cabinets are ideal for workstations, confined spaces, narrow corridors and an array of office environments
  • Retractable doors that do not take up walkway or aisle space
  • Steelco Tambour Door Cabinets have been Blue Tick AFRDI approved
  • Complete with adjustable interior levelling feet
  • The barrel exchange locking system is fitted and comes with anti-bacterial keys
  • Shelves are adjustable in 32mm increments
  • 40kg UDL shelf capacity
  • AFRDI approved

10 year product warranty

SKU: 7041981