5 Desk Stretches You Need To Be Doing

desk stretches

Office workers typically spend most of their 38-hour work week sitting in a chair. That extended amount of time in one position can start to have a damaging effect on your health and mental well-being. Bad posture can also affect your overall work productivity. This can slowly begin to seep into your personal life, making you unmotivated and lethargic after-work.

Simply standing up and moving away from your desk once an hour will provide you with some positive results. If you are serious about staying healthy, as a office worker, then we suggest doing desk stretches. These can be performed while at work. They are just as good, if not better than standing up! It only takes two minutes, so give it a go!

1. Roll your shoulders

Rotate your shoulders clockwise for 10 or so rotations, then do another 10 anti-clockwise. It should look a little like a shrug.

2. Look left and right

Move your head slowly from left to right. It’s almost like you’re taking a look at your shoulders. Take your time and don’t force yourself – turning your head too far may cause strain, resulting in damage. Do this a few times.

3. Stretch your Upper Traps

To stretch your Upper Traps (or trapezius), place one hand on your head and gently pull your head to your arm ( so that your ear touches your shoulder. ) Example: Use your right hand to pull your head to the right, so your right ear touches your right arm/shoulder. Do this exercise gently a few times for around 10 seconds on each side. Remember that your ear doesn’t have to completely touch your shoulder.

4. Stretch your Levator Scapulae

This exercise is very similar to the Upper Trap stretch except that you’ll be looking at your armpit and stretch the muscle to the side in the back of your neck. Example: Place your hand on your head. Look at your right armpit. Apply a little pressure with your hand. You may find that your chin touches your collarbone. Do this exercise gently a few times for around 10 seconds on each side.

5. Extend your back

Stand up, place the palm of your hands on your back, just above your hips. Next, stretch your back backwards. You’ll essentially be bending backwards from your hips and up. For this stretch it’s best to bend only slightly. Do this stretch a few times for around 10 seconds. Don’t force anything and be careful not to fall backwards. Remember to breathe calmly.

Time can get away from you during your workday and you may forget to do your desk stretches. One great trick is to stretch every time you feel like your concentration is fading. Another is to place a reminder in your calendar or phone. Desk stretches is only one way to combat the negative effects on your body. To truly stay at your best, you may need to upgrade your desk and chair. Find something that will suit you on the Premier Office Furniture website today.