What Are Height Adjustable Desks All About?

Premier Office Furniture MelbourneYou’ve probably heard a lot about height adjustable desks online, at conferences and around the office. And you’ve probably heard about the benefits of a height adjustable desk to your employees’ health. But maybe you’re still a little in the dark as to what a height adjustable desk really is. So join us as we discuss height adjustable desks, and their benefits.

Are Height Adjustable Desks Just Standing Desks

No! Height adjustable desks are quite different from standing desks. Standing desks are the original ergonomic option, and many people still swear by them. However, standing desks come with their own issues including standing fatigue and pelvic misalignment. This led to a great many employees abandoning their expensive, new standing desks. Height adjustable desks, on the other hand, allow your employees to move from sitting to standing with the touch of a button. This means you can avoid the issues of long term sitting and the drawback of standing desk fatigue.

But Why Do We Need Height Adjustable Desks?

With more research being undertaken into our health, researchers have discovered some incredibly disturbing links between prolonged sitting and dangerous health issues such as heart attacks. In fact, many believe sitting for long periods at a time can ultimately be as harmful as smoking. As a result, it is now recommended that office workers – or anyone who will be sitting for long periods at a time – ensure they move and stretch throughout the day. In the past this has meant disrupting the office workflow in order for your employees to step away from their workstations to stretch and walk. Height adjustable desks and other ergonomic options allow your staff to get the stretching and movement they require without interrupting their work day.

What About Standing Fatigue with Height Adjustable Desks?height adjustable desks Premier Office Furniture Melbourne

In the early days of standing desks, fatigue was a serious issue. Not only did staff become quickly exhausted and abandon their – expensive – new desks, but often staff were at risk of health issues, such as misaligned pelvises. While there is plenty of advice available for appropriate standing desk posture, not everyone is going to take the time to learn it. As a result, many companies are turning, instead, to sit-stand desks. These desks, like those from Rapid Span & Conset, allow employees to keep moving throughout the day, preventing issues associated with sitting as well as standing. This, thankfully, eliminates the issue of standing desk fatigue. Further, companies are now producing sit-stand chairs, giving your staff a support when sitting and standing.

How Expensive are Height Adjustable Desks?

With the increased interest in height adjustable desks, it’s no surprise that one of the common questions we get are about the cost. After all, it is expensive to fit out an office – big or small – and replacing furniture can be pricey. While we wouldn’t like to put a cost on the health and wellbeing of your employees, we do understand you need to keep the businesses budget in mind. Thankfully, the interest in height adjustable desks means there are new brands appearing every year. With the increase in the amount of options, so too comes flexible prices to suit every budget! Further, there are a wide variety of desktop height adjustable desks for sale, like the Arise Deskalator & Rapid Riser, that turn your existing desks into height adjustable ones.

How Important is Height Adjustable Desk Speed?

In business and in life, we like to have things now. And this is no different when it comes our workspaces. It is important, then, that our height-adjustable desks can quickly – and safely – change height so we can get on with our day. Old height-adjustable desks could have lengthy delays that caused frustration for workers whose workflow was delayed. Modern height adjustable desks, like those produced by Conset, have a fantastic adjustment speed of 32mm per second! Further, they are quiet, so your staff won’t interrupt the work of those around them. The quicker and easier it is to adjust, the more likely your staff are to utilise the desk’s features.

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