New Year, New Us! Come See the Changes at Premier Office Furniture!


New Year always comes with new resolutions. You likely have a few goals in mind. Maybe you want to exercise more, eat healthier or reach certain career goals. But what about your office space resolutions? At Premier Office we resolved to make 2019 even better for you, our customers! Join us as we discuss the
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Reports are In! Standing Desks are Good Value for Money!

standing desks

The ABC has released a fantastic article, written by Lexi Metherell, discussing the benefits of standing desks and their value for money. The article states a number of interesting statistical facts supporting the benefits of standing desks, including: Giving standing desks to 20 per cent of office workers would save $84 million in healthcare costs
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Ergonomic Office Chairs and You – What You Need to Know to Improve Your Work Life

For most of us, our work life consists of long periods sitting at a desk. Whether it is working at a computer, drafting board, or other related tasks, we are sitting for longer and longer periods. In fact, a recent study from the Australian Bureau of Statistics says that the average person will spend 33
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The importance of sitting in a chair correctly


It might sound silly but sitting down properly in a chair is very important. If you have sitting down for prolonged periods of time weather it be behind a desk at work or driving a car correct posture can be difficult to maintain. Studies are showing the prolonged sitting increases the likelihood of some forms of cancer, heart disease and other preventable diseases by 24%. It is imperative that you be mindful of how you are sitting and have your workspace setup correctly to avoid injury.