Make Work Beautiful

Why Interior Design for the Workplace is Important With the advent of TV shows like The Block and House Rules, interior design and renovation has boomed among homeowners. Everyone is eager to make the home their own little bit of paradise. After all, we spend a good chunk of our lives at home, we want
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Forum Duo – New office desk range


On display now at the Premier Office Furniture Showroom we have on display our new Forum Duo. Ergotek 30 screen dimension: 1500×1500 top colour: white 200 cable hole: mid back Screen: ErgoTek 30, 500h screen colour: Ivy Silver View our full range of office desks at our open showroom, give Angelo a call on 9336
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The importance of sitting in a chair correctly


It might sound silly but sitting down properly in a chair is very important. If you have sitting down for prolonged periods of time weather it be behind a desk at work or driving a car correct posture can be difficult to maintain. Studies are showing the prolonged sitting increases the likelihood of some forms of cancer, heart disease and other preventable diseases by 24%. It is imperative that you be mindful of how you are sitting and have your workspace setup correctly to avoid injury.