The Right Way To Set Up Your Standing Desk

Standing desk; It’s a trend that gained momentum almost overnight and it looks like standing desks in the home and office are here to stay.

There are so many benefits to a standing desk – it can burn calories, lower blood sugar levels and your risk of heart disease (and more) while you work!

What is a standing desk?

Quite simply, a desk that allows you to stand while you use it. The desk is higher, so when using a standing desk, you stand instead of sitting on a chair.

Many styles of standing desk are adjustable, allowing you to sit or stand when it suits you – simply raise the desk and push the chair out of the way when standing; lower the desk and bring the chair back into place when you feel like sitting.

A lot of people love standing desks, but it’s not healthy to stand all day, so keep your chair!


The right height is very important.

You may be aware of the health issues that can arise from a regular sitting desk, which is why we need to ensure that it is set up correctly. The height of your monitor, chair, keyboard etc makes a huge difference to your health and comfort.

A standing desk comes with numerous health benefits, but you won’t see any of those benefits if you aren’t using your standing desk correctly – in fact, using a standing desk incorrectly can be detrimental to your health.

What’s the right height of a standing desk

What’s the right height of a standing desk?

The correct height depends on how tall you are, so we won’t give you any specific measurements, the fundamentals are the same – in fact, a lot of the setup is similar to setting up a regular sitting desk.

Arms at 90 degrees
To find the right height of your desk, simply stand at the desk and bend your arms to 90 degrees.

At this height, it should be comfortable to use your keyboard and mouse.

Monitor at eye-level
Similar to a sitting desk, the top of your monitor should be at eye-level.

Instead of raising the desk to improve the height of the monitor, once you’ve found the right desk height, consider raising the monitor so the top is at eye-level. Many people prop up their monitor with a couple of reams of paper; alternatively, a specially designed monitor stand will improve the look and feel of your desk.

Comfortable footwear
Setting your standing desk at the right height is ideal, however, you’ll want to ensure that you’re comfortable whilst working. Flat-soled shoes are ideal.

Standing all day in heels is uncomfortable and unsafe, so you might find that it’s better to slip them off while standing, or keep flats nearby.

That’s only the beginning when it comes to standing desks. Premier Office Furniture can help you choose the right standing desk for you and your office, with a range of sit-stand desks – designed to be used while sitting and standing; and desktop sit-stand desks – designed to be placed on an existing desk.