Improve Productivity, Improve the Office

Every business should be looking for ways to boost productivity during work hours. Improvements come from implementing new processes, or developing a new culture. Fads pop up all the time – some ideas are perfect for certain businesses and detrimental for others. One thing we know for sure, is that if you provide staff with a great working environment, they will be more productive.

improve productivity office fit out

What’s the Goal?

Every business has different objectives. What are you looking to improve or change? Decide your main focus before starting any improvements, because going down the wrong path can do the opposite of improve office productivity.

Do Your Research

Think about why certain models work for huge companies, like Google, before following that model. Google is considered a great place to work. And from the outside, it seems their productivity is through the roof.

Many businesses around the world have followed the lead and offered free food, foot massages and foosball, only to find that it reduces productivity. Google created an environment where people didn’t want to leave the office and would put in the hours. Unfortunately, that can never work in an office that has ‘standard hours’.

Open vs Closed Plan

Research concluded that open plan offices improve collaboration and relationships within organisations that have an open plan. As a result, we started to see a reduction in individual offices and cubicles.

Since that research was conducted, more studies have found that individual workspaces reduce distractions and general office noise. By giving staff quieter environments with fewer distractions, they will be able to reach a ‘flow state’ and improve productivity.

Best of Both Worldsimprove productivity office fitout

As we’ve discussed, there are pros and cons to open and closed office spaces. A middle ground is to designate areas for collaboration and interaction, while providing space for workers to get stuck into a task. Some offices have designated pods and meeting rooms.

Some companies have found that staff are happier with a more comfortable workstation – think a standing desk where they can sit for a while, then stand when they feel restless.

Change is as Good as a Sledgehammer

Imagine signing off on a complete redesign of an entire office only to find that productivity decrease. We’ve found that updating an office can a dramatic affect on staff. A coat of paint here, new furniture there can help staff enjoy the space they’re in. You don’t need to spend thousands on what may be an unnecessary change.

The only right answer is the one that will work for your business. Whatever style you choose, we can provide the office furniture. Speak to Premier Office Furniture today about a full office fit out, or single items like furniture, storage solutions, partitions, and accessories.