Air Grid Anti-fatigue Mat 900 X 1500mm Black/yellow


Price: $144.00

  • The Air Grid mat is a hard wearing, heavy duty, 100% natural rubber antifatigue mat
  • The raised square surface provides excellent comfort, while the rippled pattern gives extra traction and the suction caps on the mat base keep the mat in place on hard surfaces
  • This mat is suitable for use in wet or dry, heavy use environments where comfort and relief is needed from standing on a hard surfaces
  • Non trip safety edges come as standard
  • Soft rubber formula provides relief and comfort when standing
  • Raised squares on mat surface provides a flat standing surface
  • Rippled patterned mat surface gives Mat extra traction
  • Non trip bevelled edges for added safety and reduces the chance of tripping on mat edges
  • Drainage holes around Mat perimeter allows removal of any spilt liquids
  • HACCP certified for use in wet or dry areas
  • Can be used also in wet areas like bars, food preparation areas and kitchens

Black with Yellow edges

SKU: 7102180