Reading Bikes and Spin Bike Desks on Today Tonight!

Spin Desk Bikes are taking off in Australia, so much so that they were recently featured on an episode of Today Tonight! Check the feature out below with transcript!

reading bikes


You’ve heard about reading and writing, well how about reading and riding?

Alison Mugway: It’s just something you don’t see in a library.

We know that reading is good for the mind, but it’s not exactly physical.

A M: We thought that combining that with physical exercise, you’re also improving the body and the mind.

After spotting one overseas, the city of Melville is trialling three Reading Bikes in its local library.

A M: The take ups been amazing! People been on there. As soon as they’ve seen them they just knew what to do with them, straight away!

So Russel, you love these bikes, don’t you?

Russel Aubrey: Absolutely, I’ve spent quite a bit of time here lately. And people who know me well, they notice I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the process!

The mayor reckons his recent 7kg weight loss is largely thanks to “Active Reading”.

R A: I’ve got a birthday coming up, a big birthday, and my wife, she’s promised to buy me “War and Peace”. She reckons I’ll be pretty fit by the end of that!

Thought to be the first in Perth, you can use the reading bike with books, tablets and laptops.

R A: I’ve just spoken to someone interested in getting one into a university library, as well. I think it’s going to take off in a big way.

A M: They don’t have to go for their walk around the block or whatever, they’ve had their 30 mins of exercise at the library.

R A: It’s part of my healthy lifestyle, to read and ride at the same time!

Alison Mudgway: A.H. Bracks Library

Russel Aubrey: City of Melville, Mayor

Video courtesy of Today Tonight.

Reading Bikes – Revolutionising the Office

Reading Bikes, also known as the Spin Desk Bike, is revolutionising office ergonomic furniture. Not only is it ideal for library spaces, like the Melville library, it is also perfect for office spaces. With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, anyway that we can get active throughout the day is a place. The average office worker now sits for up to eight hours a day, including commuting time. As a result, we are seeing more issues with back pain, neck pain, heart disease and employee sick days.

Reading Bikes or Spin Desk Bikes are fantastic for giving us a boost of endorphins and exercise during the day, without losing our productivity. It is also ideal for employees who are unable to use standing or sit-stand desks due to other health issues. Equipped with a desk tray, you can set up with a laptop, tablet and/or phone and easily work while you work out.

Community Feedback on Reading Bikes

Since their installation in the Melville public library at the start of October, there has reportedly been an incredible positive response. It allows users to focus on improving both their minds and their bodies. To quote Marten Tielemen, acting chief executive of the city of Melville,

“It is important for the City to provide innovative opportunities which support and promote healthy lifestyles for our community and we are thrilled the reading bikes have been received so well,” he said.”

Health Benefits of Spin Desk Bikes

Not only are Reading Bikes ideal for libraries, but they make great ergonomic alternatives for the office environment. There is a wealth of knowledge that shows the immediate benefits of exercise on all aspects of thinking. As a result, allowing employees to be active during the work day can improve productivity.

Finally, Reading Bikes or Spin Desk Bikes make great pieces for break out rooms for employees, allowing people to step away from work and ride while they have a snack, browse the internet, social media or even expand their mind with a little reading. So why not take a leaf out of the Melville Library’s book and work on your mind and body with a Reading Bike today?

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