Top 3 Benefits of Using a Desk Bike – Work and Work Out!

Modern offices and workplaces have come a long way in recent years. We’ve seen an encouraging upswing in the embracing of ergonomic furniture. As a result, many employees are experiencing happier and healthier work environments. As a result, office furniture manufacturers are raising the game when it comes to interactive, ergonomic office furniture. This helps keep you happier and, above all, healthier at work. One of the latest, most exciting innovations is the desk bike or spin desk bike, allowing you to work and work out, at the same time!

So join us as we discuss the top three benefits of the innovative desk bike.

1 Utilize excess energy

One of the features of the desk bike is that it allows you to utilise excess energy without leaving your desk. There is a wealth of scientific evidence on the benefits of long term exercise on mental and physical health. But studies have also shown the immediate effects of exercise on thinking. This makes the bike desk – or kinetic bikes – ideal for the workplace. When we don’t use our excess energy, our bodies store it. This turns it into fat and stores it to use at a later time. Fat is stored in our liver and other organs, not only causing weight gain but also damaging our health.

Our lifestyles have become far more stagnant. Many people sit for up to eight hours a day, resulting in health issues and a rise in heart disease. Ergonomic furniture and healthy workplace practices have attempted to help with this issue, keeping employees active during the day. However, until now, this has been limited to using standing desks, something which is not ideal for all.

Desk bikes and kinetic desks are, as a result, an ideal new option for the workplace. Further, it is seen as ideal for those suffering from ADHD as an aid to not only focus the mind but also ease nervous tension and excess energy.

Desk Bike2 Build muscle or tone your legs

Anyone who has taken a spin class, ridden a road bike, or uses the exercise bike at the gym, knows that the benefits of cycling for the legs. It is one of the best ways to build muscle or tone calves and thighs.

As a result, a desk bike or kinetic bike is perfect for employees who work long hours and might not always be able to access a gym. It provides an all day opportunity to work out while you work. The spin-desk-bike features a laptop tray to use with a laptop or tablet, allowing employees to sit, type, participate in online conferences, and exercise all at once.

With height adjustable options, these desks make for a brilliant multiuser work and play unit. They are ideal for any workplace, including hotdesking environments that require workspaces to be highly customisable.

So if you, or your employees, are want to look good and work better, the desk-bike is perfect for you.

3 Improve your mood and productivity

As we well know, mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health. As a result, technology is quickly finding that learning and working processes are improved when employees are allowed the opportunity to move during the day.

In fact, there is a wealth of research show that exercise actually has immediate benefits on all aspects of thinking. This means that allowing employees to be active during their work day, while they are working, is actually beneficial to your company and productivity.

Many employers also realise that happy employees are more productive employees. And as exercise is proven to increase endorphins and improve the mood, this will only help improve the productivity of your company as a whole.

Desk BikeFurther, desk bikes, spin-desk-bikes, and kinetic bikes are ideal for break areas and break out zones. This allows employees a chance to clear their heads and improve their mood. This innovative product only proves to be an exciting bonus to any workplace for both employees and employers.

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