4 Positives for a New Office Fitout

Unfortunately, hanging inspirational posters and a new lick of paint on the walls in the modern office isn’t enough to revitalise a workplace. With office space at a premium and advances in ergonomic furniture, a new office fitout is often the best option for your space. But it can be daunting to consider facing a full office renovation. So here are our x reasons why the positives of a new office fitout outweigh the negatives.

One – Comfort

Stark break rooms and kitchens with broken seats, blinding neon office lights, and poor bathroom facilities should be left well in the past. Employee comfort in the modern workplace is paramount. Not only does it show respect for those who work for you but it creates a work place that employees actually enjoy coming to each day – improving absenteeism. An office fitout can help bring an out of date office into the modern era.

This gives you the chance to replace old neon lighting with energy efficient LEDs. Further you can reconfigure your office to take advantage of natural light – saving you money in the long run. Break rooms and kitchens can be updated with comfortable furniture and couches, giving your staff a place to unwind and rest, improving productivity. Making these spaces more comfortable can actually encourage better brainstorming and team working, including during their down time which benefits your business. Further, at the end of the day, improving the comfort of the workplace improves your comfort as well. Reward your employees with a workplace that makes them smile when they walk through the door each day.

office fitout


Two – Health and Wellbeing

Employee sick days will happen. They are inevitable – just as inevitable as you getting unwell during the year. Colds and flus run rampant, especially in winter. But in out dated offices there are more insidious health issues that spring up. Chronic back and neck pain can develop due to old furniture – especially office chairs – and improperly installed computer monitors. Chronic pain issues can result in days of sick leave for employees and, at worst, OHS issues in the workplace.

As a result, a new office fit out gives you the chance to replace outdated furniture and workplace layouts to improve ergonomics. Sit-stand desks – like Varidesk – give staff the option to sit or stand throughout the day. Further, adjustable monitor arms means staff can be active in customising their workstation to meet their health needs. Involve your staff with the office fitout process so you can get the right furniture to match their needs, especially when it comes to ergonomics.

Finally, health and wellbeing isn’t just about furniture, it also involves the decoration of the new office. The grey, dreary office of the past needs to stay in the past, with modern offices preferring colours that are stimulating in brainstorming and work areas, and relaxing in break areas. Providing plenty of natural light and windows, where possible, also helps keep staff from feeling stifled. Finally, using natural features like plants can not only improve staff wellbeing but also the air quality in your workplace.

office fitoutThree – Productivity

Everyone wants a productive workplace and a new office fitout can actually boost your staff’s productivity. Modern office space is at a premium so old style office cubicles are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Further, cubicles prevent staff from working together, brainstorming and collaborating on important projects. An office fitout allows you to transform your old cubicle layout into an open plan space that allows your staff to more easily move about to collaborate and discuss. You can then designate conference or meeting rooms and quiet rooms for those who need space to finish individual reports.

As a result creating spaces for both individual work and collaboration with an office fit out means you can get the most out of your employees all day, on every project, by giving them the flexibility to work on projects as needed, easily.

office fitout

Four – Client Impressions

Finally, one of the most important reasons for a new office fit out would be to improve client impressions. Reception areas are often the most neglected part of an office refurbishment or fit out but they are the first impression clients get of your business. A full office fitout means creating a space that you are proud – and excited – to show clients. A stunning space is a memorable space. Revamping your office, meeting rooms and reception means putting your best foot forward for your clients. By making your workplace match your impeccable service, clients and customers will be happy to refer other people to you, and word of mouth is a powerful reference.

The expert team at Premier Office has years of experience making workplaces comfortable for staff and impressive for clients. If you would like to find out more about our services, contact us now!